Worth it?

I was talking to the sales department at dell when I ordered my aurora, about the ALX chassis and wondered the same question, they said that it does not make a difference it was more or less a aesthetic want from customers. remember you can turn up your fan speed for more increased cooling on your system if you are running into an overheating problem. if you want to spend the 200 you are spending the money for the look and not any increased performance. But it does look pretty cool. it will also depend on what alien model you has as well i don't know what system you have but in the newer versions and all versions that have the liquid cooling system does a very good job.
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It was totally worth it for me. Haha...Hello Eirreann. I love the lights and Fins man. There are no benefits at all except for the looks. But for a gimmick...it's completely worth it for me.

Hello to you as well, Diesel! Hmm... I am fond of lights.... lets see how patient I am when I've raised enough for the stock model; it would take another 2 weeks of raising cash.
Well the Aurora without the lights is still a slick ass looking computer and you would have identical performance and cooling. It just depends on the person. I can tell you the ALX is much harder to clean...haha.

EDIT: I wish we would have had this site through January...it would have been nice to have somewhere to post :cool:
I am really enjoying it too. I am finding myself checking it as much as Alienware Arena now. Tommy has done a great job with it. I think I will likely spend much more time here than I had anticipated originally. Alienware Arena needs to adopt some of the features found here. Like hyperlinks in signatures.
Coincidentally enough a lot of topics have been made recently over at the AwA concerning signatures... I kind of wish that they were easier to edit and play around with than these ones, but at the same time I kind of like the simplicity...
But I appreciate the differences between the sites! It distinguishes them from one another!


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Mar 13, 2012
Love the cooling fins and lights. To me it was worth it, but I cheated and bought my system from the outlet and paid less than the regular Aurora's with similar configurations there. As sad as it is, I was talking to a friend of mine and showed him the outlet. He asked me why I don't have one and I said if they had an ALX for $1000 I'd buy it on the spot. Of course mine popped up while we were talking about it and I made the jump. The old adage is true, it is easier to ask forgiveness than permission. My wife wasn't anywhere near annoyed as I envisioned when I told her what I had done. ;)
Great site guys. The ALX is SWEET when all is fine tuned. I can say that I've had next to no issues with the performance of my rig to date. Bought in Oct/2010 :cool:

Thanks for your contribution! Although judging by your specs you ordered your Aurora back when ALX was a separate purchase option from the stock-model Aurora... now on the Dell site the Aurora is the only "real" desktop that they offer and the ALX chassis is an optional $200 upgrade... I don't think I'll be going for it, though, unless I get a great deal on the Outlet, just because I don't think I can wait another 2 weeks of raising money, haha!


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Mar 23, 2012
BC, Canada
The main reason I got the ALX was because it was totally unique for a case / lighting design. There are a lot of weird cases out there, but nothing like this - i mean you have controllable fins that move up and down, and a lighting system that produces an amazing array of both grotesque and elegent moving light patterns.

The fins are totally for show. I've ran many Prime95 tests while OC'ing that brought the system fan up in the 3000rpm level while also running video tests after OC'ing the card, and with fins up or down there's no difference. Dont matter - they look cool.
I dont think we get the ALX option in Australia. I have been thinking of getting a desktop. Is the Aurora worth the purchase or is it better to build one yourself? It's a good $7000 for a high spec Aurora in Aus.

Depends on your budget and what you want out of the laptop; Although at that price I'd recommend building your own! I can't imagine ever spending more than $3000 on a rig, and that's pushing it!