Would aleinware area 51 r2 be compatible with x299 motherboard ?

Jul 23, 2018
I am looking to upgrade my PC but in order to do that I need a x299 chipset motherboard and am wondering if it would work with the alienware area 51 r2. I have seen a few threads that said that it takes x99, but those were made in 2016 before intels release of 8th gen processors. I also know that the form factor is ATX.
Mar 23, 2012
I have an R2 and the R5 with an i9-7900 in it. The interior is similar. You might research power supply connectors. Not sure if the R2 and x299 are connector compatible.
Feb 14, 2018
I am interested in upgrading from x99 to x299 also. I have the Area 51 R2 and I am confused because I am wondering if you are talking about buying a third party board like from Asus or MSI or are you talking about buying a x299 board from Dell? I didnt know Dell would even sell you one. I have contacted them about this but I just get a reply telling me to contact sales. They will not tell me if you can or not. I dont think they even care much for their owners. I dont think I will buy Alienware anymore due to the fact of upgrading is hard and Dell is difficult.

I also want to put in another PSU a bigger one and I want to get a corsair AX1500i but I see the cords would have to be all swapped out because the PSU are differant on the back. I dont know if this is even possible with the board inside my R2 and the other components. I have installed many new parts like dual 1080ti and usb add in card and nvme add in card and my pc is full up on USB ports I have like 19 ports all being used and I keep getting BSOD event 41 errors so I bought a new PSU of same 850w and I think I need a bigger one. It doesnt happen all the time its random and usually happens when idle which makes no sense. I stress test it and it doesnt do it then so you would think if I have PSU shortage it would do it then but I am no expert. I have put in all new except a mobo at this point.