Wow the Difference between SLC and MLC SSD is a big difference!


Jun 22, 2013
So I still havent jumped into the SSD drives yet...Im still using Hybrids like my Seagate Momentus XT 500GB w 4GB NAND 7200RPM...

Im tempted to get a 750GB 8GB NAND 7200RPM version of the drive but was wondering why its cheaper than the older version...

Ive read that the older models are using SLC NAND and the newer models are MLC NAND...got curious and read more...

So I found out that SLC NAND are better for longterm read/write wear and maintain performance longer...but expensive...this is why SSD designed for Cache cost more...

Then I found out that MLC have shortterm read/write wear and degrades performance over time...but cheaper...this is why there are large capacity SSD that are cheaper.

And none of the NAND version mentioned have the long life span of a regular mechanical drive...

So I decided to still stick with my good old 500GB 4GB NAND SLC drive...yeah its not true SSD performance but its read performance is really close.

Now im not sure if my Samsung 32GB mSATA cache drive in my M17x is SLC...most likely it is hehe