WTB: Alienware Aurora 3500 Case

Does anyone know where I can buy this case? I've looked on eBay and Amazon, even Craigslist, but haven't been lucky. I've used Google for hours trying to find a store, but nothing. I figured I'd try in the Alien community :)
The case I'm looking for is an Alienware Aurora 3500. Pictures below.


That is one of Alienwares first case's I think they were made by Chieftec. It was a Dragon case for Alienware. I have seen one pop up time to time on ebay. Try watching for it under Chieftec also they still sell case's very much like that. Just google them. Hope that helps ya..

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Here's one from TigerDirect..

Got a update my Predator 2 has Chieftec stamped on the inside of 5.25 bay cover..lol
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