WTs m18x i73940x , dual gtx680m, 16gb ram


Dec 26, 2012
I'm rather gutted If someone offers me a grand for my r4 I would take their hand off even though I think it's worth a bit more, I would have that straight away, even though my r4 can handle any game you through at it. The two 680's should have enough power especially with that cracking CPU I no it would spit out any game in the next few years at the highest settings. As I said if it weren't to close to Christmas and I wasn't after a new car I would have taken it and sold my r4 at a later date. Dropped in my 512 GB ssd and I think it would have no problem keeping up the new m18 as my card and the 680 have about the same grunt as the new 780 as their ain't much difference unless you want to use multi screens + I love the m18x r2's design. But I regretfully have to pass but I think you will have no problems selling sleepy as the same spec except 3 year warranty are going for nearly £4000 seller refurbished on EBay/Amazon. But no matter how much my head wants this I just can't justify it as I need a new car. So I regretfully have say no even though my heart and head say I love it and want it,but It would have to be the love of my life because my better half would be making me live with it lol if I didn't get a new car :p