X17 graphics issue?


New Member
Apr 7, 2017
Ok i have the alien-ware x17 r3 that Ive had the graphics card replaced in a year ago due to it over heating and burning out. The laptop has been fin until recent. The last 3-4 weeks when i game on it the graphics crashes or freezes. I had updated to windows 10 to see if it would help but i just kept getting the message program has been blocked from using graphics card.

So i took off the cover to make sure there was no dust gave it a clean and set it back up (there wasn't any dust in it tho) bingo! it was fixed so i played my games again and it was fine and i was happy. So at bed time i shut it down and the next day i started it up to game and it started playing up again?? i was like maybe i had forgotten to plug a fan in so i checked and it wasn't that? basically what is happening is if i shut my computer down and restart it it messes my graphics card up. But if it starts messing up i shut it down disconnect the battery wait 5 mins and start it up again and its fixed???

Ive gone nuts trying to figure out why its doing this!! pls help im at wits end with it and sick of having to do the same thing over and over to game.

Thanks everyone