X51 3x monitors and 4k gtx 970

I have a
Gtx 970 (overclockers blower)
8gig Ddr3
Evo 850

Question is anyone with 970 and three monitors? How dose it run and what fps do you get on what settings? Any info would be good

Also talk up if you have 4k signal monitor. What's that like? I'm running 1080p on 60" Led LG tv. And looking to upgrade


May 9, 2015
As I said if you don't mind to play with 25 fps then it will run.

I do have the gtx 970 on my x51 and 980 on another rig and they are not capable of 4k trust me if you want a single card that is 4k ready then you have the GTX 980 ti and the GTX titan .
Or a cheaper option the r9 295x2 and both Nvidia cards will require external PSU for them.
Well I have the AMD 270 running on three 1080p monitors currently with no problem. GTX 970 should work no problem with 1080p. I agree with everyone else if you have a 4K monitor it will struggle. Three 1080p monitors with GTX 970.... no problem. I am planning on putting in the regular GTX 980 reference since they came down in price a little.