X51 Buying Help!


New Member
Jan 19, 2013
Hi. I'm a newbie to the desktop gaming crowd (laptop gamer) and am planning to purchase an X51 in the near future. I do have a couple of concerns though:

1. Would the Zotac GTX 670 Amp! Ed. 2GB fit into the x51? And if so, would I need to undervolt or do other stuff to make it work with the 330W PSU while maintaining stability? I've hear that the PSU barely supports the 670 but the iBuypower Revolt offers a 350W PSU up to their 670 card options. And so far, I haven't heard of people amaging their rigs with the 670/330W setup.
2. Does the X51 accept RAM with speeds of up to 2400MHZ?

Those are pretty much it. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.