X51 from Parts

I am working on two different X51 builds from parts. I see the R1 has the 1155 socket as the R2 has the 1150 socket. One motherboard was bought after I got the first case, the second one was a used board I got. I got the parts several months back and was thinking the socket on the motherboards were 1155. I purchased a Pentium G2020 2.9 dual core for cheap to test the boards out. This goes into a 1155 socket. I can't get either board to post. Googling the numbers on the motherboards doesn't bring up a single hit, but when shortened I get way too many links with conflicting info. Is there any sure fire way to tell the difference between the R1 and R2 motherboards so I make sure I have the correct CPU before doing further testing.

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Googling the specs to compare isn't the problem, I had that web page saved already. It's a motherboard that won't post so you can get the specs and you are using the part number motherboard to get the specs that it is.



No hits when I Google these, I can shorten these numbers to the first part and get hits, but that could change it to something different than what I have.

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Jan 2, 2014
WA state
Do you live in the states if so i have a working alienware X51 R1 1155 socket motherboard i don't need at all, all works as i recently upgraded my dell to a msi Z77A-G45 and put it all in a new case. if you live in the states i would be happy to sell it to you.
I do live in the states. I work in Saudi Arabia that is why you see the flag swap from USA to SAUDI, lol. I have a core 2 duo M-ITX motherboard with full slot for a graphics card that works well and I just ordered another motherboard to use with the CPU I have in the alienware motherboards. It's just a side project. I got the cases pretty cheap so I figured I would play with them. Max performance is not my goal. As long as it will play a few games and play movies is about all it will be doing. But if you want to hit me up with a offer just PM me.