X51 questions....

Hi all....have just ordered an X 51 and am waiting on delivery.Last time that I owned a pc for games was back in 1998,so was wondering how long my X 51 will last before upgrades are needed.Am sure there are some very experienced pc gamers on the forum who know more about the pace of development in pc games than I do and at what speed system requirements are moving.

The specs for my X51 are as follows....

Intel i-7...3.4ghz
2TB hard drive
windows 8
blu-ray drive
gtx 660

many thanks for any help in answering my question and helping a new pc gamer on his way:)


Feb 13, 2012
Sydney, Australia
Well, that depends on your gaming habits. Are you always after the latest an greatest graphics killer type of games? Or will you get games a year or so after release? Or like me, get a couple of games and play those to death for years?

If its latest and greatest, maybe a year until you upgrade, or start turning settings down.

If its games a little later, then 2-3yrs.

If its same games, I had my pc for 6.5yrs before an upgrade.

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The main thing I want to do with my pc is realistic miltary games such as arma2 or and arma 3.So very much I wish to find a franchise I enjoy and stick with it.And maybe a few older pc titles from the last couple of years if they will work with windows 8?And some online like planetsiders 2 etc...all other games that I enjoy I have on xbox360 and will get further releases to these on xbox 720.