X51 R! new case and PSU. Power Relay Source issue????

Apr 15, 2018
I swapped my old x51 R1 into a new case. I added an old 400W PSU from a friend and everything seems to be working fine. However I can't get anything from my GPU. Running HDMI straight from my board I can access my computer and I keep getting a "Power Source Relay Issue." upon start up. I press F1 to bypass. I installed the most recent driver for the GTX 660 and this worked for a bit until I turned it off again. It's as if the computer can't decide if it should use my board or GPU. Any advice or similar problem?

New to computers btw :)
Aug 30, 2016
You should be plugging your video cable into your GPU. You might need to go into your bios and set priority to your external video instead of onboard/integrated.