x51 r1 970


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Aug 12, 2015
ok so I have a r1 x51 and installed a palit gtx 970 ref.(blower cooler) using the r1 powerboard. anyways It seemed to boot ect ok,but after about 5mins in witcher 3 it resets itself and a puff of smoke came out.
the computer started and booted fine but I shut it down asap. I checked the card and all good but the powerboard had a nice burn mark on it under where the fan is.

I have ordered a r2 powerboard b4 the r1 blew. the palit works in me other rig.
Do you think ill be ok with the r2 board or should I just stick with a 2gb 960 I have???

system is a i7 3770,16g ram,240gb ssds with the original 1tb 3.5" 7200rpm.330w powerbrick