x51 r1 i7 2600 gtx 555 8 gig ram upgrade advice/help???


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Oct 23, 2014
hello im new to the forum :) so hello to all :).ok so I have the r1 x51 with above stated components oh and the 330 psu forgot to mention that main thing I need help with is can I upgrade my cpu and if so to which model im guessing 3770 but just need some info to be sure and the ram am I stuck with 8 gig on this board or not just flashed my bios to ao 14 also but the ram info and cpu info would be of great help at the moment so in advance I would like to say thank you for any replys :)
As mentioned, it's your GPU that is the bottleneck in gameplay but for general speed of opening new programs then an SSD is what you need.

I haven't heard of any GTX 970/980s working so well in the R1 due to the power board. You could still upgrade to the 760 or 760Ti though I think