X51 R1 in a new case


New Member
Dec 26, 2016
Hi new to the forum, had some great help from you guys. So i thought I would post what I have done with mine so far.
I got a MSI Areo GTX 1070 for Christmas:), tried it in the x51 but would not work, due to the power supply.
So time for a change, I decided go with a Cougar QBX case and a Corsair CX600 PSU.
I've never made a PC before, but it was every easy to swap the parts from the X51 to the new case.
the only problem is I now get a Power fail sensor warning on start up, but you only have to push F1 to bypass this. but if anyone knows how to get around this, it would be great to know?
I'm will pleased with the results, even managed to fit the side panel lights in the front cover :)
Also managed to cut the back panel of the x51 to cover the rear ports on the new case.