X51 R1 moving parts to build new budget rig

So I own the X51 R1.

A year or so ago from these forums I got the power supply and adapter to upgrade to a GTX 970. Works fine just loud when playing games.

So now Im considering investing into a new tower and transfering over everything to it minus the power supply shit and gettting a 750W power supply instead.

My question is do any of you know of any guides ? Do I need any other parts other than a power supply? Etc? It would be my first time building a PC from scratch so I need some serious guidance.

I was considering upgrading the Mobo from the current mini ITX, but i read that it works just fine and still can transfer?

If anyone could suggest parts I need (For example on PCpartpicker website).
The only parts you should need are a new PSU and case. I transferred my X51 R1 into a mid tower and couldn't be happier.
The R1 motherboard has a standard 24 pin power connector. There is a daughter board plugged into this connector but when transferring to the new case, unplug the daughter board and leave it in the old case. You will not need it in the new one.

The only downside to transferring it to a new case, is that the output panel on the back (where you plug in your audio, USB devices etc) will not quite match the size of the hole in the new case leaving a gap around it. It is no big deal for me, but you could always fill in the gap with a piece of cardboard etc if it bothers you.

All in all, the process was quite easy.

The case I used was the Thermaltake Core V31. The motherboard lines up perfectly with the mounting holes in the case (it is a m-ITX board), case has tons of room to build in and great cable management.