X51 R1 since 2012


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Dec 24, 2016
Back in 2012, I got my first gaming computer. I share it with my older brother. It was an x51 r1 for $500, direct from Dell. My bro was pretty pumped because of the i7 processor. We play a lot of flight sims, and the processor enables a larger load radius. For a while the cheap built in graphics card was also fine. It sucks because we got a 90 watt power adapter from Dell. I just assumed that they gave us the weak power supply because it was $500, but it turns out that the receipt said that it had the 240 watt. Sadly, we didn't notice this until it was too late to send it back.
Then we read about how the PS didn't even matter because the damn power board would restart the computer with any GPU that draws more than 250 watts or so.
Things were fine up until November, when I decided to buy Dishonored 2. I knew we'd be getting a new rig soon, but I thought they would iron out the performance glitches and I could play at tolerable settings. I can barely run it at the lowest settings (680 x 480 doesn't look good on a 4k monitor, and I have to turn off anti-alisizing. The game looks like I'm not wearing my glasses at 23 fps).
Of course, I've been looking at new computers, and I now have higher budget. I'll probably get something that can run games at 60 fps. But I'm here to discuss possible stopgap measures. It'd also be nice to update the x51 so that it could play current games at 30 fps and medium settings, for multiplayer with whatever new rig I buy.