X51 R1 upgraded GPU to R9 270

it's a bit hot, but it also depends on the TDP as it's an AMD. I've got a similar set up wherein I have an EVGA GTX 760 SC ACX installed and I live in a hotter ppart of the world. So what I do is I lay it down on it's side when gaming for better temps. Another reason is I installed a 2TB HDD and don't really want to take it out as I enjoy the large size.


Nov 30, 2013
Yeah that is running to hot i say increase your front fan speed to push more cool air into the case. The tight fit of the cards and the HD are in the way of most of the air trying to get into the case. The best thing i can say is have that front fan based of your GPU temp so for example when my GPU is at say 65 deg. my front fan will be around 70% speed and at 75 deg. its at about 80% i try and keep my GPU around 75 deg. if possible. I know the AMD's run a bit hotter but not by that much you don't want to get up in the 90's. My GPU's max temp is 97 deg.