X51 R1 wireless network card upgrade?


Aug 5, 2017
X51 R1 wireless network card upgrade?

I have a X51-R1 with the DW1502 wireless card..is there a link or video that shows how to replace this and what would be the best current choice? the current card despite being near the router (unable to run a cable due to location) consistantly tests 7~15 Mbps down yet 25Mbps up...makes me think there is something wrong... the rated speed on the other machines on the network consitantly tests 150~175+ Mbps. so its not my ISP

thanks in advance


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Jan 6, 2021
Eugene, OR
Sorry to dig up an ancient thread, but I wanted to let folks know what I just learned:

I have an Alienware X51 (R1) that came with a came with a Dell Wireless 1502 card which only supports Wifi 802.11 b/g/n. It does NOT support bluetooth. I wanted to upgrade the card to support bluetooth but I don't think it's supported.

The Alienware X51 R1 and R2 (I didn't research the R3) use a PCI Express Mini Card connector and only has space for a "Half Mini Card" or "HMC". These mini PCIe connectors can support PCI Express and/or USB connectivity; Wifi uses PCIe, bluetooth uses USB, combo Wifi/BT cards use both. But not all motherboards/connectors support both. I just confirmed with a Dell chat rep that the Alienware X51 R1 does not support USB over the mini PCIe connector, and this is a difference between the R1 and the X51 R2 which DOES support it since it ships with the Dell Wireless 1550 combo wifi bluetooth card.

I've also seen a couple forum posts online of people upgrading their X51 R1 with the Intel 7260 card and having the wifi work but not the bluetooth. They blame the antennas, but I think they are mistaken, I believe it's the lack of USB interface support by the motherboard on that connector.