X51 R2 960, 970, 980 and now 1080


Sep 9, 2015
Well...a lot of people ask if the X51 R2 and R3 can handle the big boy cards...well the answer is yes. My X51 came with a GTX 960...a week later I threw a GTX 970 in there. About 4 months after that I got myself a GTX 980...and yesterday...I purchased the GTX 1080. Every card I benchmarked and overclocked...logged hours (still logging on the 1080) on some of the most demanding games and did all the normal stuff we do on our computers in between. I do have the 330 watt power supply. My X51 has not shut down, hiccupped or flinched. As seen in my previous post here : http://en.community.dell.com/owners-club/alienware/f/3746/t/19652108 I did have to remove the front intake fan and cut the end of the tab that holds the faceplate on but the tab remains fully functional. Removing the front intake fan did NOT affect my temps at all. Pretty impressive for a little 330 watt external power supply. Hope this helps some of you guys! Game on.

(1080 right out of box)

(980 coming out!)

(1080 in the cradle ready to be lowered in the X51)
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