X51 R2 Owner, Upgrading To GTX 970 PNY, Need Some Help


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Apr 29, 2015
Hey Guys.

So basically I'm thinking of upgrading to the 970 Pny Version and I wanted to know if I'll experience crashes, or If I have to under clock it when playing intense games like gta 5 at max settings, maybe remove something from the computer? Or is it good to go at intense games that require alot of power. Please Help me maybe someone that owns the 970 with a similar rig can reply? Thanks Guys!

My Rig:
Alienware X51 R2
I7-4770 With Intel turbo Boost
GTX 660
8GB Of Ram
1 TB
330W Power Supply


Apr 7, 2015
So u are saying my alienwear X51 R2 i7 47700 processor. 16 GB Ram 1T hard drive. Video card gtx 760. Will be able to run the pny gtx 970 smoothly with no shutdowns and other problems

We basically have the same spec with my rig the only difference is the CPU I have the i7 4970. I have been running the PNY XLR8 GTX 970 for two months now with out any issues noise level went down compare to 760 ti that came with the system. As far as games/benchamark I tried them all and the card handles them all with high marks. I am not a big gamer but I played Metro/Tomb Raider/ Payday 2 with max out settings and this card will beat them all cant wait for the Withcer 3 to come out. But just remember every system is different. Goodluck!