x51 R2 Owner


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Dec 13, 2014
Hello together i would like to apologize for my bad english i dont feel like using the google translate its even worse :D.

i am a new proud owner of the x51 R2:

- i7 4790 not the unlocked couldnt find a 4790K and wasnt sure if its worth to overclock within that small computer and intel XTU doesnt work greyed out everything.

- R9 270 getting super hot 82c° cant even overclock it lol and pretty bad at gaming.

- 8GB

- 2TB HDD ill get an SSD

1. So yea i wonder why the intel XTU doesnt allow us to change the multiplier even for 1 or 2 its just greyed out.

2. Also is the R2 able to fit any 970 GTX ? or do i have to buy a special one? might someone Link me

3. The Cpu is getting pretty hot 75-82 C° i saw some mods but i wonder if we can get something simple like a aftermarket cooler that fits perfectly and the plastic airflow can fit aswell into that

i read alot here i am just someone who needs this confirmation from people who got experience

Budget is 500 $

If anyone here modded something like a cooler or watercooler and wants to sell it i feel better giving you guys the money instead of paying onlineshops.

Thanks guys!