X51 R2 Reset.

Hi, my first post and sorry to be a pain.

I just received my first ever Alienware computer today, the aforementioned X51 R2. It has the GTX 660, 8Gb Ram, 2TB HDD and an i5 processor.

My question is, how long does it take to reset the OS using the windows 8 route? It's been running for about 4 hours now and has just reached 37%. I've never had a computer take that long for years.

When it arrived, it was already set up and I decided to reset it first before logging into my personal Windows account, (can't be too careful these days), and I'm starting to wish I hadn't. It's almost 8.30pm here in the UK and at this rate it will be about 3.00am tomorrow before it's complete.

Thanks in advance.