X51 R2 - Unique parts help


Dec 18, 2012
Hi there,

Having a clear out at the minute and came across an X51 I purchased years ago. I wanted to get it tip-top before looking to get rid. Though in doing so i've stumbled across a few questions I'm not sure the answer to. Here felt a great place to ask.

:- When i removed the side panel today, It would appear i've already done away the GPU it came with (I thiiiink it was a 760m from memory, but honestly cant say for sure) and for life or money can't find it anywhere.... I do have a bunch of other standard cards I could use, however even though they 'fit' just fine it looks like i'm potentially missing a 'part' that keeps them all held in place nicely... and... the rear of the case looks has been left with a huuuge gap in it......photo below....what am i missing here? haha.

:- Also, when I boot the system im getting an error saying something about the RTC being reset, is it easy to get this error to stop appearing? currently cant boot.

thanks so much



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Mar 19, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
@Parmageddon the RTC would be the Real Time Clock, which is powered by the CMOS battery. Since the system has been powered down for a long period, the BIOS would have lost it's settings. I'm guessing that when you powered it back on with the power adapter it recovered its settings. A lot of the time the CMOS battery would die after a long period of not being used which would result in a beep code and no boot but yours must be ok.