x51 R2 wireless issues out of the box - and some questions.

The Dell PC Diagnostics will not run on this machine. I ran the Alienware system check-up from AlienAutopsy and it found no issues.

1. Having wireless adapter issues - has disconnected from my WLAN (10ft away) 3 times. No other net connected device in the house has experienced or is experiencing issues.
a. Once required the adapter be reset
b. On the last occurrance, the adapter wouldn't reset until the system was rebooted. I had to interrupt the system shutdown and hard boot down with the power button as the system hung after "shutting down" for over 10 full minutes.
c. Upon reset, the windows troubleshooter solved the problem - it found the wireless adapter disabled with no explanation.
d. Concerned - I spent near $30 to have this wireless card and it's performance is disappointing. Also frustrating is the fact that it is single band (2.4ghz). For near the same amount I could just buy a dual band wireless usb.

2. Even with no change in software, the system sometimes takes several minutes to shutdown and restart. There wasn't a lot of bloatware so I suspect software or registry problems.

3. Would I be safest to simply do a factory reinstall from the disks included with the system?

4. The two included Alienware desktop themes are lackluster and uninspired. Is there a place to get additional sanctioned or official Alienware themes? (not just wallpaper) I trieded AlienGUIse (Win7) but I'm concerned about how resource taxing this may be. Is the Stardock/MyColor a safe application? Where are other themes? Is there a more preferred place to get themes? I've seen mention of deviantart but I'm concerned with how safe/virus free and/or impactive themes from that site might be.

5. The system seems to run very hot - coldest temps for CPU/GPU in the low 50c range at idle with device set horizontally.

6. If I bought this from Best Buy I would have already returned it. I've been building PCs since 2000 and have purchased 3 desktops from CyberPowerPC and 2 laptops from Dell that I've never had issues with out of the box. I thought Alienware was supposed to be a premier line?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I mean it, thank you in advance.