X51 R3 GPU Upgrade...

Chris Wright

Oct 9, 2016
Hi Guys, Has anyone been able to upgrade their GPU on the X51 R3 without having to amend the case in any way?

I have a watercooled i7-6700 with SSD and optinal 1TB HDD currently running the GTX970 and I am getting mixed recommendations on GPUs and the ability to install them on the system (without the alien amplifier).

Im looking to upgrade to possible GTX1070 but before I part with the cash I would like to know has anyone successfully upgraded their GPU?

Any help would be great :)


Jun 20, 2016
I haven't seen anything on this topic for a while here but there were a lot of posts and information about precisely this last year when the most recent Nvidia cards were released.

Where things got to I believe is that you can just drop a 1060 in and your done. A 1070 or even 1080 are possible but you will need to make modifications, mostly it sounded like to one of the fans due to the length of the cards.

Whichever level of card you get you'll need to get one of the blower style cards.


Oct 23, 2016
You need to remove the fan behind the GPU and cut part of the screen and plastic on the casing to fit the dual 6-pin to 8-pin connector in there. I did it with my 1070 only to realize it's too much draw on the 330W PSU and caused shutdowns. I went ahead and just migrated everything into a new case.

And yes I used the FE version to make sure it wasn't overclocked. It's also a blower style card which are needed in these X51 cases.