X51 R3, yes or no?

Jan 29, 2016
So many of you know me and know that I do not own an Alienware (yet). Well, I'm wondering if I should buy the X51 R3 with a GTX 970, i5-6600K, 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD + 2TB HDD. I'm more than capable of "Fixing" a problem with a computer but I'm worried that if I purchase one I might have to send it back multiple times.

My current set-up is AMD FX-6300 / GTX 970 / 8GB DDR3 1600 MHz / 1 TB HDD.

So the pros and cons.

+ Small Computer
+ SSD & larger storage space
+ More RAM
+ Better processor i5-6600K
+ Water-cooled CPU
+ Built in WiFi
+ Cheaper than majority of SFF PC Manufacturers

- Generic RAM sticks
- Sending it back for "Repairs"
- Costs more than building it yourself (I don't want to build a SFF PC though)
- Limited information on specs

Well, the pros do out weigh the cons, however I'm still very very cautious about buying one just because many people seem to have issues with them until they send it in for a new unit or have the issue fixed.

What do you guys think?
Jan 29, 2016
@SWAT_Glock Well I currently don't have a job but am in process of getting my old one back. I planned to buy the Lenovo Y900 Desktop and just swapping some parts out. So if you feel you should sell it now then please do so. I will also only be spending around $899+TAX for the Lenovo system.


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Feb 2, 2012
I would be willing to let it go got $999 plus shipping.

Also the drives are 2 x 256GB Samsung 850 Pros (512GB total) and there is still the PCI-e slot open for a 3rd SSD.