X51 Sudden BSOD messages


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Apr 17, 2014
Hey guys just joined the forums after arriving here searching for solutions for BSOD issues:-

Bug check 00000116 & 000000D1

Now these have just started recently and continue to restart my X51 at random intervals mid use or in some cases reboot the PC before windows 8.1 even loads.

Has anyone come across these before and know a solution? I have trawled the internet and tried various things to no avail.

If you need me to post any specs details please let me know?

Also as another question my X51 is a little over 6 months old and I wonder did the PC come with a windows disk or not? as I have the box with all that came with it and no disk? I read online that all Alienware PC's com preinstalled with something called 'Alien Respawn' so I guess that takes the place of a physical windows disk?

Thanks for reading



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Apr 14, 2014
I have had the machine for 10 days and been suffering from nearly the same problem at the very beginning of initiating the operating system. The machine automatically reboot when I was using my discrete graphic card with huge noise all the time. And I wasted 2 hours today to contact the dell tech representative to fix the problem. The only thing they did is to uninstall all my drivers and to install them from the dell. They found the bug code is also 000000D1 and confidently told me the problem came from the driver. Ironically, right after I ended the talk, within 20 minutes, my computer faced same issue for 3 times! Now I have to use my integrated card to write this since my computer has already ruined what I have done once.
Who can help me? I'm considering to return this, and the representative told me the next step is to recover the computer, wth...