x51 turns on then immediately turns off


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Sep 16, 2014
I left my computer at my buddies house because his dad needed to use some of the hardware (great idea....not). I believe all that was taken out of it was the video card, hard drive, and disk drive. I got it back from him, go to start it up, it turns on, I get the power led light for the power button, fans turn on, then it just shuts off not even after a second after I start it. No beeps, no video, no POST.

I've already unplugged the PSU and held the power button, tested the RAM, reset BIOS (unplug battery), and made sure all connections were seated properly.

This is a spare computer and was planning on giving it to my gma for christmas (you know how much gmas love playing battlefield haha), so I'm hoping I can do something about this without having to buy parts.