X51 upgrade concerns!


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Mar 5, 2013
Hello, I have a standard X51 with a 330wPSU. I would like to know if I could upgrade to a EVGA GTX 670 FTW 2GB. If it is possible to not change anything else that would be great. Also, I have been watching http://www.youtube.com/user/Ray2kay6?feature=watch video's. He has done some amazing things. Also, I want to know if a GTX Titan fits into an X51 because i'd like to have that. If I do get the Titan would I need anymore cooling or anything like that? Thanks


Apr 12, 2012
Question, do you have an PSU upgrades on your X51?
If so do you have a YT video on how to do so and can u give me the link of ur graphics card?


When my x51 was stock and I just had the 670ftw, I didn't have any other PSU except the 330w brick. My x51 now is torn apart pending a full mobo, PSU, & unlocked cpu upgrade. I stopped the project for now to build my current rig, but will go back to it eventually.

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i have tried 2 cards 670 FTW 3GB and 660Ti 4GB both cause the system to reboot when settings are at max

Note more memory requires more power. You can use an APP like hwmonitor to see what your power draw. Or easier still use a "wattsup" device between your X51 and the wall to see how much power you are drawing when reboots occur.