X51 with 240w PSU GPU UPGRADE

Good Morning,

Just to let people know, I have tried & tested taking out my stock Nvidia Geforce GT 545 & replacing with with the Sapphire 7770 HD OC edition as seen below;


After installation I ran stress tests on the cpu & gpu and checked temps etc on hardware monitor, the 7770 ran cooler if anything than the 545 by out 9 degrees and sounded slightly quiter.

FPS wise, the 545 playing BF3 on ultra was handling a measly 25 fps max. 7770 runs at about 45-50 dps on ultra 60+ on high.

Playing WoW on ultra with the 545, fps on a high populated realm peak time in Stormwind 30fps-40fps. 7770 hd 70-80fps wise about.

So all in all a very good upgrade at a cheap price and with the 240w PSU.