Xbox One or stick with pc

now i know this probably isnt the best place to ask but i love my xbox 360 and seeing that the one will be coming out soon enough i wanted to pre-order. on the other hand i just got my r2 (specs in my sig) and i am having no problem playing most games i want and getting 40-60 fps at all times. what i am really wondering is do you guys think that i should get an xbox one for some of the newer titles (which would mean i would have to buy the system) or just get them on pc because most if not all are coming out day one for pc.

on a side note please no comments about the ps4 i dont really want one so please dont try to suede me.
i am fan off pc playing. because almost every game is able to play free on pc. xbox one you should be have an gold member ship needed. what i recommend. maybe found some body on this site. or an dealer site of used product for an alienware desktop. when bought the desktop. like an aurora you can upgrade any time when needed or start your own alienware project. to make it a special pc at your own dreams.