Your computers at home


Feb 4, 2012
We have three desktops and two laptops.

Gaming/editing desktop
work/editing desktop
travel laptop

work desktop
work laptop

My network is setup kind of weird. My ISP is wireless so I have POE which runs into my router from my wireless radio. The router I use is a mikrotik RB750 because I wanted to be able to have more control over my connection and what my router does, but because when I bought the router they did not have a wireless version out yet I have a Linksys WRT54g connected to it for wireless.

So far it has worked out nicely. :D Albeit overkill


Feb 21, 2012
Oh well I got my desktop, which I use the most when I'm at home, my AW m17x and my prev laptop which is being used by my mother. Then There's randomly connected my PS3 and my iPhone. All wireless except the desktop.
Main PC downstairs - Wired
Kids PC upstairs - Wireless
XBox360 - Wired
PS3 - Wireless
HTPC - Wired
Panasonic HDTV - Wired
Kids Laptop - Wireless
My laptop x2 - Wireless
Wife's Laptop - Wireless
IPAD - Wireless
Ipod Touch - Wireless

Linkys Router Downstairs
Cisco Wireless Connection Point Upstairs
2 Wireless Repeaters in the house in different ends of the house
Okay, my last post in this thread got nuked so here I go again.

My Alienware- wired
PS3-wireless (will be wired once I remember to buy a cable)
Wife's laptop-wireless
Family ipad2- wireless
secondary desktop- wireless
2 smartphones- wireless


Feb 12, 2012
My alienware laptop (wireless)
my wife's laptop (wireless)
one desktop attatched to TV (wired)
Printer (wireless)
Two htc evo 3d's (wireless)
1 desktop not connected to anything and never use it (may end up selling it at some point)
2 desktops that are wiped clean and need a little work to get them up and going (may just end up getting rid of them at some point here though)
I had two other laptops that i sold a couple months back. to make room for my alienware :x

at my parents i would say roughly 2 server machines; one or two laptops; around 6 - 8 desktop PC's.
Ok. When I have my home network set up, this is what I have: I have a wireless router.
1. My PC hardlined into the router.
2. My wife's PC hardlined into the router.
3. My kid's PC wirelessly connected.
4. My iPod wirelessly connected.
5. My Wii wirelessly connected.
6. Our Android phones wirelessly connected.
7. Our Blu-Ray player wirelessly connected.
8. My wife's laptop wirelessly connected.