Your Life In 30 Days.

If I had infinite resources, I'd "do something" a women. I'm serious here! Next, I'd build the best gaming rig/system/simulator/entertainment system. I'd go play some airsoft. Drive a tuned mitsubishi lancer evo x with podunks on some track :D I'd travel to some countries I always wanted to go. "Do something" a women again xD Go play on my rig, give my rig to african kids, go on a date with someone that leads to me "doing something" again xD Say goodbye to my loved ones and thats it :\ Sad life, huh?
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Oh, that would really suck! I haven't saved up enough for my computer yet!

I suppose that I'd break into my cousin's house and steal his M18x then play games solidly until I died or got caught, whichever came first....

Okay, REALISTICALLY I would probably try to live my life to the fullest, so to speak. Do as many things as I can that I've always wanted to do!